cherubkoi is an independent, woman-owned small business, based in the north west of england. the site launched in spring 2023, after growing a following on instagram and tiktok, from sharing my handmade jewellery.

my pieces range in styles, as inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. most pieces, however, follow my personal style and are inspired by girly aesthetics, like coquette and dollette, mixed with vintage kitsch styles, all while maintaining an influence from my love of astrology, mythology and old hollywood glamour.

on a personal note,

art became a creative outlet for me at a young age, and so having a platform like this to create and sell is important to me. every time you purchase, you are helping a young girl achieve her dream of becoming a full time creative. so thank you for your support :)

and a reminder - it's just me here at cherubkoi :) every single bead and charm was sourced by me, every item hand made by me, everything photographed and uploaded by me, everything packaged and shipped by me :') so i truly appreciate your patience as i work hard on your orders, and am so grateful for your support!